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This year, Zoégtas Ltd Edition Summer 2020, is traceable all the way - from coffee bean to your coffee cup

Consumers of today want products that are responsible sourced and produced and show consideration for both humans and the environment. For Zoégas it’s important that the consumers feel safe and good about the coffee they are drinking. That’s why Zoégas has chosen to make its summer edition 2020 traceable all the way, with the help of the Blockchain technology.

We are, to my knowledge, the first roastery in Sweden that can provide this traceability in a coffee blend from different origins by using this blockchain technology.  Our aim is to create higher value from farmer to the final consumer. Therefore, this project suits us perfectly, says Minette Rosén, green coffee specialist at Zoégas, Nestlé.

On the coffee pack there is a QR code that will lead the consumer to a site, where they will be able to read about the coffee journey, from bean to cup. By scanning the code the consumer will receive information on where the coffee has grown, when it has been picked, when and where it has been shipped and finally when it has been roasted and packed at the Zoégas factory in Helsingborg.  The consumer can also read about six fantastic farmers who have contributed to this year’s Zoégas Ltd Edition Summer 2020 coffee blend. By providing this information, we would like to give the consumer a view of the complexity when it comes to coffee farming and at the same time comply with the wish for transparency in the value chain, so that consumers can feel safe and good about their choice of coffee.

Digital solutions will play an increasingly significant role in creating a more sustainable and transparente coffee industry. Benefits include the ability to share data among farmers to support decision-making, the ability to identify supply chain risks and the potential to enhance the quality of certification audits. The Zoégas blockchain project is an excellent example of how this is put into practice, also allowing coffee lovers to trace their beans back to their source. The data used for the Zoegas block chain project is based in large part on publicly available information from audit reports carried out for Rainforest Alliance certification, says Marcus Schaefer, Markets Transformation at the Rainforest Alliance.

This year summer blend, Zoégas Ltd Edition Summer 2020, is a dark roast with notes of violet and wild strawberries. The coffee is 100% Rainforest Alliance certified and the blend consist of beans with origins from Rwanda, Colombia and Brazil. Unique for this year’s summer blend, is that it’s 100% verified by IFT, (IBM Food Trust) and is giving the transparency from its origin to when the coffee has been roasted, tasted and quality approved at Helsingborg roastery.